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Risk Management

REI Insurance Policies and IVF Risk Management

Our expertise is in your specialty

REI Protect, through our partner company REI Insurance Solutions, is the only company offering specifically designed REI insurance policies, as well as IVF risk management, IVF lawsuit prevention, and REI malpractice claims prevention services. Founded by reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Steven Katz, REI Protect understands the unique risks inherent in providing assisted reproductive technology, including IVF and intrauterine insemination.

Exclusively serving REI physician practices and IVF laboratories, we provide access to comprehensive, targeted REI insurance policies – not just an IVF insurance rider tacked on to an OB/GYN policy that isn’t the right fit for the work you do. But tailored REI insurance coverage is just one part of our approach to reducing your worries about facing a legal claim. We combine our targeted professional insurance solutions with the information, resources and support you need to reduce your risk of ever facing a legal challenge.

More than REI insurance policies

More than an insurance coverage provider, REI Protect is your ally in establishing daily practices and policies that support quality control and patient satisfaction. Our extensive, hands-on knowledge of REI practice operations, combined with our specialized expertise in IVF risk management, empowers your practice to create a more effective risk management strategy.

  • Assessment of potential risk exposures within your practice
  • Real-time support for claims prevention, before patient dissatisfaction turns into legal action
  • Active claims mitigation, litigation support, and education for your legal team
  • Best practice guidelines to build effective policies and procedures that reduce risk
  • Support for creating consent forms that better protect your practice and IVF lab

Contact us to discuss your practice’s current IVF risk management strategy and REI insurance policies, and take the first step toward a better-protected practice.


Steve Katz and REI Protect are a cornerstone of our risk management program.  Steve has completely integrated himself into our team and provides invaluable advice in real time on all manner of risk mitigation and management.  I am confident that our organization has significantly benefited from our partnership with REI Protect and wholeheartedly offer my endorsement for your program -- if you want best-in-class risk management from the leading expert in the field, look no farther than Steve Katz and REI Protect.

Conor Beardsley, COO Ovation Fertility