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Specialized REI Malpractice Insurance and IVF Lab Insurance

Specific professional liability coverage for the REI field

Many REIs think they are covered by basic OB/GYN insurance policies, but these malpractice policies don’t include IVF malpractice insurance or IVF lab insurance. Yet, providing ART services exposes you to an entirely different level of risk. REI Protect, through our partner company REI Insurance Solutions, LLC, offers specially designed, comprehensive REI malpractice insurance policies that cover comprehensive aspects of reproductive endocrinology and IVF services.

A unique approach to REI malpractice insurance

Because an REI’s insurance needs are so complex and unique, it wouldn’t be enough to simply add an IVF malpractice insurance rider to an ordinary OB/GYN insurance policy. Our partner company, REI Insurance Solutions, provides access to comprehensive REI malpractice insurance that is built specifically for the unique needs and risks of practicing fertility specialists. No other insurance provider offers this level of custom protection for every aspect of your practice and all of its associated businesses, including the IVF lab.

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Our experience with a professional liability carrier is completely different since joining REI Protect, 4 years ago. We now have colleagues that are immediately available for questions at any time and who truly understand the unique challenges and liabilities that REI practices face. I wish REI Protect had been available since the start of our practice and recommend it wholeheartedly.

Jessica Scotchie, REI Medical Director, Tennessee Reproductive Medicine