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Open Letter

Thank you for your interest in REI Protect.

Over the past two decades I have witnessed many changes in the domestic medical malpractice marketplace unilaterally affecting many physicians. Unfortunately, the changes often had a negative trickle-down effect on patient care and patient outcomes.

When our REI subspecialty was formed it was unique – and still is. The REI subspecialty has been erroneously categorized since its inception, overlooking the creative intersection between a surgical subspecialty and minor procedure office-based practice. We do not perform obstetrics, and the vast majority of us no longer perform major gynecological surgery. In fact many REI’s are rarely in the hospital at all. Yet REI physicians are overwhelmingly categorized as gynecologists performing major surgery leading to significantly higher annual premiums than need be. But even more important is the fact that our practice patterns are not understood and therefore risk management, claims prevention and management have room for significant modernization. REI Protect has created a highly relevant program that is specifically designed to the needs of our specialty. With your support REI Protect is well on the way to paving a new road with the field’s uniqueness and creativity finally being appropriately Protected.

REI Protect is a program dedicated to REI physician practice and IVF laboratory only. As you will see in this Web site, REI Protect is dedicated to providing our specialty with appropriately rated premiums and risk management focused on REI practices and IVF Laboratories.

We look forward to having you join us in creating this program exclusively dedicated to REI’s.


Steven Katz

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Steven Katz, MD



Steven is committed to protecting physicians and providing superior and thoughtful coverage for individuals and practices.  His depth of understanding for the science and risks in our field is unparalleled and it always feels like he truly cares about you and your practice.  I would not want to work with anyone else.

Peter Klatsky, Founder and REI Director of Egg Freezing, Spring Fertility