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What REI Insurance Solutions Brings to REI Protect

When things go wrong, having the right insurance in place can make the difference between your practice surviving or dying; yet, insurance is also complex, cumbersome, bureaucratic and expensive.  REI Insurance Solutions will help REI Protect members minimize the complexity, work and costs associated with being prepared.

By tapping into insight gained from decades spent insuring healthcare operations of all types and sizes, applying the best technological tools and partnering with outstanding insurance companies and risk management experts, REI Insurance Solutions allows you to take advantage of the best that insurance can provide, lowers your total cost of risk and simplifies the complexity and bureaucracy inherent in the system.

REI Insurance Solutions is here to provide insurance expertise for those who are providing care.  Every day we are looking for new and better ways to do that because it is what medicine deserves.

It is reassuring to have a representative from REI Protect available to provide support in a timely manner, especially when there may be an urgent manner. Dr. Katz has always made himself available to assist us with all of our needs and we highly recommend REI Protect for liability coverage.

Angie Robinson, Executive Director, Tennessee Reproductive Medicine