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Litigation Support

Litigation Support, Tailored for REIs

Litigation support and risk management that fits fertility care

With REI Protect by your side, accusations of malpractice less frequently turn into full-blown legal claims. But if you should face an IVF lawsuit, IVF malpractice accusation, or other litigation, we bring to bear the full weight of our ART-related legal expertise to help you fight your case.

We not only help you find the most qualified lawyers to represent you in your IVF malpractice case, our experienced REI experts assist their understanding of the scientific and medical aspects of all elements specific to the situation. With our early intervention, the vast majority of IVF lawsuit cases we’ve handled have been dismissed before they ever get to court. However, if you need an IVF case expert witness for any aspect of a trial, we provide access to the best.

We have helped many REIs successfully navigate the complexities of many types of IVF lawsuits, and have the on-staff resources to guide you through any type of case, from embryo mix-ups to lost embryos, IVF malpractice, IVF lab errors, cryostorage issues, and embryo shipping errors.

What to do if you think you may be facing an IVF lawsuit

The time to contact us for IVF lawsuit support is the very first moment you’re informed of a dissatisfied patient or an incident that could reasonably lead to a claim. You don’t have to be an insured member of REI Protect to access our claims prevention or litigation services, though we highly recommend our custom REI insurance policies for your protection. The earlier we can act to assist you, the better your chances of successfully avoiding a costly IVF malpractice claim.


Dr Katz is a secret weapon. We strategize about issues early, long before there is a lawsuit, and before positions become polarized. This early proactive collaboration invariably avoids lawsuits. Dr Katz is an invaluable asset to the defense team.

Michael Trotter, Attorney, Carroll Franzen Trotter Kelly Firm