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I have practiced as a fertility specialist for more than 15 years, and until recently, we used a very established normal company for our medical liability insurance. Unfortunately, each time we needed any REI advice, it used to take us ridiculous amount of time to explain the medical situation before even getting a recommendation. After being frustrated for a while given the limited support that we were getting, Dr Katz and his firm came strongly recommended by another fertility center. Of the many things that happened to me in my medical career, this is one of the best. The ability to pick up the phone and, in 5 minutes, describe the issue, be understood and supported can’t be found anywhere else. In addition to his knowledge and kind personality, Dr Katz is available, knowledgeable, and supportive. He has already helped us tremendously with his advice and support in small situations that could have become bigger issues. Not only does he protect us at all times, we absolutely love working with him. I cannot say enough positive things about Steven, and I am only sorry not to have met him 15 years ago.

Nurit Winkler M.D., Co-owner and Founder of Los Angeles Reproductive Center