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Formation of REI Protect

REI Protect was formed to create access for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility specialists (REIs) to a medical professional insurance program that focuses solely on the field of reproductive medicine.

​As the practice of REI medicine has evolved over the past four decades, many insurance companies were not dedicating the risk management resources necessary to support and evolve with such a unique practice. We have partnered with REI Insurance Solutions to access ProAssurance to address this need and provide risk management services and MPL coverage specifically for reproductive endocrinologists, IVF labs, egg banks, and long-term storage facilities. REIs through the REI Protect program now have access to underwriting and claims handling from dedicated professionals who have extensive knowledge of the practice of fertility medicine.

​Today, REI Insurance Solutions seeks to bring a complete and dedicated medical professional liability insurance program to the REI community with the following goals:

Premiums Tailored to the Specialty

  • Focused Risk Management
  • Accurate Exposure Assessment
  • Active Claims Mitigation
  • Experienced Claims Management
  • Shared Best Practice Guidelines Amongst Policyholders

I have worked with REI Protect for over ten years as owner of an IVF practice. I met Dr Steve Katz many years ago and I liked him immediately. Besides being a kind, intelligent, thoughtful man, his knowledge of our field and the issues between patients, practices and society has always struck me as way above anyone else that I have ever met. His counsel is well informed, and the way REI Protect does business is very supportive of me as a physician and my practice. I have always felt safe in REI Protect hands. Without a doubt, REI Protect and Dr. Steven Katz are gems in our industry. I recommend him and his company's services unequivocally.

Paul C Magarelli MD, Ph.D., REI Medical Director, Kindbody of Colorado

Choosing REI Protect is the right choice for any size REI practice for two simple reasons. First, your embryology laboratory is covered as a separate entity so incidents that occur in the lab are not automatically attributed to the physician. Second, there is no other malpractice carrier where risk management is accessed through an experienced REI that understands all the nuances in our field.

Michael Murray M.D., REI Medical Director, Northern California Fertility Medical Center