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Dear REI Protect Members:

​I started my professional life defending physicians against claims of medical negligence. Over my twenty-year career as a trial attorney, I personally defended hundreds of such claims. The work was challenging and satisfying. It soon became clear that to me that the insurance purchased by the physician I was defending played an important role in the quality of their defense. When I left active litigation, I focused my attention on helping physicians find or create high quality insurance companies.

Over the years, I have acted as both claims counsel and general counsel for multiple risk retention groups and other insurance companies whose exclusive focus is insuring physicians. These companies have several things in common. They focus on one area of medicine. Physicians have input in, and in most cases make, the final decisions regarding coverages and claims. The insurance polices issued by the insurance company are specifically tailored for its insureds. This unique combination of factors means that the physician insureds are well protected and well served by their professional liability insurance.

REI Protect has the combination of attributes required for a successful and high-quality insurance program. As a previously practicing reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Steven Katz, the Founder and CEO of REI Protect, has firsthand knowledge of the unique and growing REI specialty. When he started REI Protect, your risk was lumped-in with gynecologists and obstetricians. Moreover, there was no risk evaluation for the IVF Laboratory. Dr. Katz and REI Protect has and is changing the insurance industry as it relates to REI medical practice.

I was fortunate enough to have Dr. Katz invite me to help him with the insurance aspects of the REI Protect program. His passion for helping the industry succeed, his understanding of the nuanced issues facing participants in the space and his far-reaching relationships have created a truly special program. His focus on helping members mitigate their risks before they become problems is why I was eager to join him.

​I am excited to offer the resources of REI Physicians Insurance Solutions LLC and my experience to the members of REI Protect. In addition to the considerable benefits that you receive from REI Protect, REI Physicians Insurance Solutions will also be here to help assure that you have the proper business insurance in place with the right companies and will help you cut the bureaucratic and cumbersome process that is inherent in the insurance system.

​I look forward to being of great assistance to the REI Protect community.


Jeffrey C. Moffat
Founder and President
REI Physicians Insurance Solutions LLC

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I have had the pleasure of working with Steven Katz and REI Protect now since this wonderful company began covering my center, Reproductive Biology Associates here in Atlanta in 2016. Our relationship is both professional and personal due to the excellent care that Dr. Katz gives to all his insured centers. The fact that Steven is a reproductive endocrinologist is what makes this relationship so special. Specifically, he understands the unique differences in risk between an IVF/infertility center as opposed to a standard OB/GYN group. His unique understanding of this infertility/IVF space has made a huge difference in our case. Steven is totally dedicated to the centers that he and his company covers and his dedication is a very significant benefit that you do not normally see. There is a huge difference between REI Protect and other malpractice insurance carriers in this space.

Andrew Toledo, REI Medical Director, Reproductive Biology Associates