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Membership Benefits

  • Access to Dr Katz and the REI Protect team 24 hours a day-seven days a week.
  • Immediate access to the REI expertise of the REI Protect team to mitigate an active incident before it becomes a conflict.
  • If a claim does arise, the expertise of the REI Protect team to add additional specialization to aid in the defense of the claim.
  • Invitations to internal REI group discussions on critical and time sensitive topics
  • Confidential access to the sharing of REI practice information
  • Confidential access to REI physicians looking for a new opportunity
  • Confidential discussions about business development opportunities
  • Introduction to IVF laboratory private build out specialists
  • Introduction to financial specialists in mergers & acquisitions specifically in the field of REI medicine.
  • Introduction to capital investors specializing in debt and equity
  • Access to the REI Insurance Solutions program. A complete program dedicated to streamlining all of the business insurance requirements of the REI practice and IVF laboratory.
  • The REI Protect team using our 25 years of REI experience, performs a thorough risk evaluation of the IVF program leading to fair and stable long-term premium costs. This powerful risk analysis is unique to the REI Protect program and allows for proper REI classification. Without this risk analysis, other carriers place IVF programs in GYN categories leading to excess premium costs, no risk dedicated risk management and poor claims outcomes.

In 2012, I transitioned from Duke University into a new REI private practice. One of the things that I realized was missing when we signed up for medical practice insurance in the private setting was a relationship with risk managers. At Duke, we always had someone who understood the legal implications of communication, new procedures, etc. that we could pick up the phone to discuss the situation to help us avoid legal conundrums. This was not a service that the large medical practice insurance companies seemed to offer. When Dr. Katz came to us, signing up with his organization made sense and provided a sense of security that we would be insured by someone who understood what we did and could help us understand the implications of our actions and our words as we entered unchartered situations. Over the 6 years that we have been with him, we have had many conversations that not only provided piece of mind but helped us optimize relationships that might otherwise have been more challenging. Deciding to partner with Steven Katz was one of the best decisions that we made in setting up our practice.

David Walmer M.D., Senior REI, Atlantic Reproductive Specialists

REI Protect is more than a malpractice insurance company. Dr. Steven Katz is your risk management expert. He is there to help you navigate through any issues that may arise in your practice. Dr. Katz’s insights are invaluable. With Dr. Katz’s wealth of knowledge about the fertility industry; we (Atlantic Reproductive) feel we are partnered with the BEST in the business!

Tina Manley, Executive Director, Atlantic Reproductive Specialists