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Kaylen Silverberg, M.D., on working with Dr. Steven Katz & REI Protect

Steve Katz and REI Protect are a cornerstone of our risk management program.  Steve has completely integrated himself into our team and provides invaluable advice in real time on all manner of risk mitigation and management.  I am confident that our organization has significantly benefited from our partnership with REI Protect and wholeheartedly offer my endorsement for your program — if you want best-in-class risk management from the leading expert in the field, look no farther than Steve Katz and REI Protect.

Conor Beardsley, COO Ovation Fertility

Steven is committed to protecting physicians and providing superior and thoughtful coverage for individuals and practices.  His depth of understanding for the science and risks in our field is unparalleled and it always feels like he truly cares about you and your practice.  I would not want to work with anyone else.

Peter Klatsky, Founder and REI Director of Egg Freezing, Spring Fertility

Dr Katz is a secret weapon. We strategize about issues early, long before there is a lawsuit, and before positions become polarized. This early proactive collaboration invariably avoids lawsuits. Dr Katz is an invaluable asset to the defense team.

Michael Trotter, Attorney, Carroll Franzen Trotter Kelly Firm

Dr. Steven Katz is a rare and extraordinary individual. I have had the privilege of extensively witnessing his approach to claims prevention and management services of reproductive endocrinology and infertility practices, in-vitro fertilization laboratories, egg banks and long-term cryopreservation storage facilities. He is passionate, thorough, candid, insightful, talented, and brilliant in protecting his clients.

Dr. Katz anticipates potential issues and problems before they escalate and addresses them quickly, professionally, and responsively. He is also an excellent teacher in his field and extremely effective in solving problems. Indeed, in 30 years of representing healthcare providers, I have rarely experienced such risk management skills and services as those he provides.
Dr. Katz anticipates potential issues and problems before they escalate and addresses them quickly, professionally, and responsively.  He is also an excellent teacher in his field and extremely effective in solving problems.  Indeed, in 30 years of representing healthcare providers, I have rarely experienced such risk management skills and services as those he provides. 

On a personal level, Dr. Katz is gracious, caring, and kind. I wish there were more people and professionals like him.

Jaryl Rencher, J.D., Attorney, Rencher Anjewierdan Firm Salt Lake City

With the transition to REI Protect as our malpractice carrier we have found a true risk management partner with Dr. Steven Katz. Dr. Katz has become an integrated element of our risk management program. Our team reaches out to him on the front end of risk management challenges and his experience and advice helps prevent them from coming medical issues. I strongly recommend the services of REI Protect and Dr. Steven Katz.

Paul Verrastro, Senior VP of Operations, First Fertility

Our experience with a professional liability carrier is completely different since joining REI Protect, 4 years ago. We now have colleagues that are immediately available for questions at any time and who truly understand the unique challenges and liabilities that REI practices face. I wish REI Protect had been available since the start of our practice and recommend it wholeheartedly.

Jessica Scotchie, REI Medical Director, Tennessee Reproductive Medicine

I have had the pleasure of working with Steven Katz and REI Protect now since this wonderful company began covering my center, Reproductive Biology Associates here in Atlanta in 2016. Our relationship is both professional and personal due to the excellent care that Dr. Katz gives to all his insured centers. The fact that Steven is a reproductive endocrinologist is what makes this relationship so special. Specifically, he understands the unique differences in risk between an IVF/infertility center as opposed to a standard OB/GYN group. His unique understanding of this infertility/IVF space has made a huge difference in our case. Steven is totally dedicated to the centers that he and his company covers and his dedication is a very significant benefit that you do not normally see. There is a huge difference between REI Protect and other malpractice insurance carriers in this space.

Andrew Toledo, REI Medical Director, Reproductive Biology Associates

I have worked with REI Protect for over ten years as owner of an IVF practice. I met Dr Steve Katz many years ago and I liked him immediately. Besides being a kind, intelligent, thoughtful man, his knowledge of our field and the issues between patients, practices and society has always struck me as way above anyone else that I have ever met. His counsel is well informed, and the way REI Protect does business is very supportive of me as a physician and my practice. I have always felt safe in REI Protect hands. Without a doubt, REI Protect and Dr. Steven Katz are gems in our industry. I recommend him and his company’s services unequivocally.

Paul C Magarelli MD, Ph.D., REI Medical Director, Kindbody of Colorado

In 2012, I transitioned from Duke University into a new REI private practice. One of the things that I realized was missing when we signed up for medical practice insurance in the private setting was a relationship with risk managers. At Duke, we always had someone who understood the legal implications of communication, new procedures, etc. that we could pick up the phone to discuss the situation to help us avoid legal conundrums. This was not a service that the large medical practice insurance companies seemed to offer. When Dr. Katz came to us, signing up with his organization made sense and provided a sense of security that we would be insured by someone who understood what we did and could help us understand the implications of our actions and our words as we entered unchartered situations. Over the 6 years that we have been with him, we have had many conversations that not only provided piece of mind but helped us optimize relationships that might otherwise have been more challenging. Deciding to partner with Steven Katz was one of the best decisions that we made in setting up our practice.

David Walmer M.D., Senior REI, Atlantic Reproductive Specialists

The practice of REI has encountered numerous and significant changes in the last 10-20 years. It is no longer safe to rely on traditional medical malpractice coverage. Dr. Katz is by far the best in our country at recognizing how best to protect practices and physicians and to navigate the best coverage for everyone. I have the utmost confidence in his recommendations.

John Storment M.D., REI Medical Director, Fertility Answers

REI Protect is more than a malpractice insurance company. Dr. Steven Katz is your risk management expert. He is there to help you navigate through any issues that may arise in your practice. Dr. Katz’s insights are invaluable. With Dr. Katz’s wealth of knowledge about the fertility industry; we (Atlantic Reproductive) feel we are partnered with the BEST in the business!

Tina Manley, Executive Director, Atlantic Reproductive Specialists

Choosing REI Protect is the right choice for any size REI practice for two simple reasons. First, your embryology laboratory is covered as a separate entity so incidents that occur in the lab are not automatically attributed to the physician. Second, there is no other malpractice carrier where risk management is accessed through an experienced REI that understands all the nuances in our field.

Michael Murray M.D., REI Medical Director, Northern California Fertility Medical Center

It is reassuring to have a representative from REI Protect available to provide support in a timely manner, especially when there may be an urgent manner. Dr. Katz has always made himself available to assist us with all of our needs and we highly recommend REI Protect for liability coverage.

Angie Robinson, Executive Director, Tennessee Reproductive Medicine

I highly recommend Dr. Steven Katz and the REI Protect program. The service provided by Dr. Katz is unmatched. As a Reproductive Endocrinologist, Dr. Katz understands the unique needs of a fertility clinic and embryology laboratory. He brings a wealth of understanding in the infertility industry including the nuances of clinic and laboratory needs as well as the people and personalities of the fertility space across the country. Dr. Katz was instrumental in finding affordable prior acts insurance coverage as I changed practices and ensured that laboratory services were covered. He has been available 24/7 to answer questions and provide advice regarding potential patient concerns and functions as a personal concierge with the legal team. He is never more than a phone call away for advice, support, or a friendly word. The service he provides to fertility clinics and our entire REI space is invaluable.

Melinda Henne, REI Co- Medical Director, IVF Florida-Jacksonville

I have practiced as a fertility specialist for more than 15 years, and until recently, we used a very established normal company for our medical liability insurance. Unfortunately, each time we needed any REI advice, it used to take us ridiculous amount of time to explain the medical situation before even getting a recommendation. After being frustrated for a while given the limited support that we were getting, Dr Katz and his firm came strongly recommended by another fertility center. Of the many things that happened to me in my medical career, this is one of the best. The ability to pick up the phone and, in 5 minutes, describe the issue, be understood and supported can’t be found anywhere else. In addition to his knowledge and kind personality, Dr Katz is available, knowledgeable, and supportive. He has already helped us tremendously with his advice and support in small situations that could have become bigger issues. Not only does he protect us at all times, we absolutely love working with him. I cannot say enough positive things about Steven, and I am only sorry not to have met him 15 years ago.

Nurit Winkler M.D., Co-owner and Founder of Los Angeles Reproductive Center

I have known Dr Katz as a peer for a number of years. We first met at a conference where I heard him speak about modern REI risk management. I was impressed and we transitioned our program to REI Protect at the beginning of 2021. It was one of the best decisions that we have ever made. REI Protect has provided our practice with resources and counsel that have far exceeded expectations.

Mark Leondires, MD, Medical Director & Founder, illume Fertility & Gay Parents to Be

It is a pleasure to work with Dr. Katz and the REI Protect program. It is a unique and special program. Among their many strengths, Dr. Katz understands the value, and often, strategic advantage associated with involving counsel early on in a matter, even if it is not yet in suit. Dr. Katz also understands the value of early engagement with experts, to provide counsel a strong understanding of the medicine and science involved in a case. As a litigator, that’s an approach I will always advocate for, and respect.

Sarah Baker, Attorney, Kiernan Trebach LLP

Brown Fertility has been insured by REI protect for the past four years and we have only great things to say about the Company and Dr. Katz. The inclusion of lab coverage in the malpractice policy is something we searched extensively and no other malpractice provider would offer. Dr. Katz is also a wealth of knowledge in our industry and is always available as an advisor to us. We recommend REI Protect and Dr. Katz with zero reservations. Moving to REI Protect was one of the best practice decisions we have ever made.

Julius Varzoni, Chief Administrative Officer, Brown Fertility

Dr. Katz and REI Protect have become a major part of our IVY Fertility insurance program. With Dr Katz’s great experience in risk management in the REI field and his guidance, we have instituted a wonderful Risk Prevention Program. This is instrumental in mitigating our risk at the practice level and in the IVF Lab. We are very grateful that he is available 24/7 when there is a question or concern and that he has created the specific REI policy.

Lisa Van Dolah, CEO, IVY Fertility