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Claims Management

How are claims handled?

A malpractice claim can be personally devastating and mark a medical career with negative impressions. ProAssurance considers all cases seriously, and if the provider has a case to defend, they take action to ensure they are treated fairly as their claim is defended. The claims team at ProAssurance provides experienced legal counsel and the REI Protect program provides its expertise to REI Protect program clients throughout the claims process to achieve the best outcome.

​There are a few important things to know about how the REI Protect program is underwritten by ProAssurance.

  • Every claim is unique, and each claim will develop in its own way.
  • Claims are managed by professional and experienced claims staff.
  • Attorneys are selected who specialize in the defense of medical malpractice and are strong litigators, preferably with experience in REI matters.
  • They respect our work and ability to serve the needs of our members.
  • Members have consent to settle (unless specifically stated in the policy) and must approve any case that is settled.
  • Non-meritorious claims are aggressively defended.

Will ProAssurance grant Consent to Settle Authority to insureds?

Yes. Built into the policy is a provision providing members the right to consent to settle (where permitted by law). For each claim, highly experienced claims representatives work with REI members to keep them informed, involved, and to identify and recommend the best course of action.

Effective Risk Management

Effective risk management is a primary goal of REI Protect. Since REI Protect is specialty specific, it is able to examine losses and discover which factors of risk management result in the most impact to patient safety and claims reduction. REI Protect also benefits from the ability of its physician members to share ideas from their own risk management practices, creating an ideal setting for innovative risk management programs to flourish.

It is a pleasure to work with Dr. Katz and the REI Protect program. It is a unique and special program. Among their many strengths, Dr. Katz understands the value, and often, strategic advantage associated with involving counsel early on in a matter, even if it is not yet in suit. Dr. Katz also understands the value of early engagement with experts, to provide counsel a strong understanding of the medicine and science involved in a case. As a litigator, that’s an approach I will always advocate for, and respect.

Sarah Baker, Attorney, Kiernan Trebach LLP